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About Automatic Control Services

David LaMontagne established Automatic Control Services (ACS) in 1973. In July of 1984 he hired William Schmitz. Mr. LaMontagne retired in September of 2002 selling the business to Mr. Schmitz.

For the first twenty years of operation Automatic Control Services was the Chicago area service representative for the Aquatrol Corporation. Through the 1990s the water and wastewater treatment control industries were migrating from proprietary types of control equipment to the more open and versatile Programmable Logic Controller based systems. Aquatrol Corp. lost significant business and ACS was reestablished as a Systems Integration company. Since that time ACS has developed and installed numerous SCADA systems and assumed responsibility for service and maintenance of many more. These are PLC based systems. Most systems include an HMI front end; Wonderware “InTouch” and GE Intelligent Platforms “Proficy – iFix” are the two most common HMI programs that ACS has in service. Many systems also include panel front Operator Interface Terminals for backup control in the event of an HMI computer failure. Several systems utilize an Operator Interface Terminal exclusively for system monitoring and control.



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